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    Could new flooring in 2021 increase your home value?

  • Could new flooring increase your home value? 

    5 tips to get the biggest bang for your buck.


    The floors in your home probably take a beating everyday while also tasked with the biggest job in the house, setting the design tone. The picture perfect pages of your home design catalog do not reflect the reality of pet shedding settled deep down in your living room carpet or the normal wear and tear of your hardwood floors.


        You can probably bet that the buyers that come through your house have that magazine image in mind. They not only want flooring in good condition, but also materials that match the purpose of each room and look like a million bucks. 


    So the short answer to asking does new flooring increase my home value is YES. But you must be smart about your selections. The right upgrades could also make your house move faster on the market. Follow these 5 tips to get the most out of your home investment.


    1. Wood flooring will be your best bet to get you the most money.

    You can’t beat a classic. When it comes to homes and the type of flooring people love, hardwood floors have stood the test of time.


    54% of home buyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors when buying a house—about 2,000 extra, according to data from the National Association of Realtors.


    2) You can do wood—and floors that mimic the look—when you are budgeting!


    If you love the look of hardwood but need to upgrade your flooring on a budget, you’ve got a bunch of options at your disposal.

    Carpets and vibrant rugs remain popular, there is also luxury vinyl that has become super popular over the years. 


    3) Pick floors that make sense for the room’s everyday traffic.


    Looks 100% matter when it comes to floors but so does everyday basic use.

    Kitchens and entryways need flooring that can handle some heavy foot traffic, this is one reason why ceramic tile is a great choice here and why a harder wood like oak and hickory holds up great here too. Kitchens most definitely have one of the most foot traffic in any house so you are going to want to be sure you’ve got some high traffic floors in that area of your home.  


    4) Choose colors with wide appeal that fit your home’s style.


    A lot of home buyers tend to want tile in the bathrooms and hardwoods in the main parts of the home, but that does not mean you are limited to the shade of brown!

    For the hardwoods some color palettes and textures tend to be popular like neutrals derived from nature. Buyers like some flooring with grays and brown tones because of the upkeep factor. People aren’t going as dark because it shows everything. If you can steer towards cooler tones that will definitely make those hardwood floors POP!  


    5) Be mindful of the flow going from room to room (especially with your wood flooring).


    If you do choose to replace your floors to up your home value, be sure to keep your eye on the big picture, like how well the floors flow from room to room. Buyers don’t like any floors that meet in a patchwork of colors and finishes. So just be sure you have some great installers on call to make your home look magazine ready! 


    Not every home buyer is a designer, but regardless, your floors are one of the first things they’ll see  when they walk into your home because it sets the whole tone. Choose your flooring based on durability and style, and it should be an investment you will not regret!


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