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    Carpet Care

  • Although hard surfaces have recently taken over the flooring industry, there is something luxurious about soft, plush carpet, especially in bedrooms. Have you ever noticed that most hard surface installations end up at least halfway covered by rugs? That’s because luxury is not just a look, it is a feel. And nothing surpasses the soft, luxurious feel of carpet.

    There are so many benefits to having carpet—just to list a few:

    • Being able to sit comfortably on the floor (a must for some families)
    • Warmth and softness underfoot
    • Noise reduction


    At the same time, it can be difficult to clean and maintain, which is just about the only major downfall one might think of. Let’s talk about how to get past that issue, and how to care for carpet properly.

    First, ALL floors need to be cleaned and maintained in order to retain their beauty and integrity. However, carpet tends to hold on to dirt and stains a bit more than alternative flooring options—just as any soft, textured fiber would, in comparison to a hard, smooth surface. That being said, follow these simple steps and your carpet is sure to stay beautiful for many, many years.


    Step 1: After having a professional install your carpet, READ your carpet’s care and maintenance instructions – and keep them! Not all carpets are the same. Some carpets you can use just about anything to get just about anything out of your carpet, while others are more delicate.


    Step 2: CLEAN your carpet immediately if a spill or accident happens, and vacuum regularly—at the least weekly. Not only does vacuuming remove dirt from your carpet, it also helps maintain texture retention. High traffic areas may require more care.


    Step 3: Have your carpet cleaned by a professional using hot water extraction once a year to really extend the life of your carpet. This makes the biggest difference and is one of the most commonly missed steps. This important step not only removes dirt and soil, but also helps with traffic patterns and texture retention.

    carpet swatches


    Chances are, if your carpet is colorful, it is not solution dyed. This means the color could potentially be washed out, and you will need to be careful what you use in attempt to remove stains, just as you would with your brightly colored clothing.


    Spot cleaning guide


    When purchasing new carpet, you want to take its maintenance into consideration for those inevitable spills.  Dreamweaver is our most popular selling brand of wall-to-wall carpet and its ability to be cleaned with just about any solution without losing its color is one of its biggest selling features. The Dreamweaver Spot Cleaning Guide has helped many a homeowner and will give you an indication of its cleanability.

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