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    Choosing a Backsplash

  • Backsplash! It’s one of the last things that goes in during a kitchen remodel, but—WOW—does it pull everything together. There are so many things to consider when choosing a backsplash, but when we sit down with clients in to do selections, there are a couple things that we like to focus on:

    Style (this is the obvious one!): What else do you have going on in the kitchen? What do the cabinets, countertops, and floors look like? What size of tile would be ideal? The smaller the tile, the busier things tend to get. Is there an element missing? Is a pop of color, lightness, or darkness needed?

    Durability (if it matters): We always ask a client how their kitchen is going to be used before having them make a selection. Certain materials will absorb oils, stains, and other elements more than others. For example, a textured, stacked stone is going to be very difficult to clean in comparison to a smooth, ceramic tile. If you plan on really splashing your backsplash, it’s best to pick something easy to clean. If your kitchen is for looking and not cooking, then you can choose whatever you’d like!


    Do it first, if it’s not too late!

    If we are starting a kitchen design from scratch, we love to see if a client will fall in love with a backsplash FIRST for a few reasons:

    • Backsplash is easy to fall in love with! There are so many options, and it’s fairly easy to visualize in comparison to cabinets which really have to be designed specifically for each space.
    • Backsplash is also a fairly inexpensive place to splurge. You’ll typically only need 30-50 square feet.
    • Backsplash selection can be easily changed, as long as it’s done before your material has been ordered. Specialty backsplash tile is often a special order and difficult to return. With that said, backsplash goes in last, so you can always make a new selection if the first one chosen doesn’t quite fit into the entire design.
    • Most of all, it’s an easy way to get an idea of a client’s style. We know right away the things they’ll go for by the backsplash options that catch their eye at the beginning. Those choices can lead the way through the rest of the design. From there, we can make confident suggestions based on your specific taste.