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    Choosing Clean(able) Products

  • If you clean your own home, you know there are certain parts that are easier to clean than others. We can’t tell you how many clients come to us saying that they need new tile because they have too many grout lines and the grout never comes clean. The fact is, when remodeling, the overall goal is to make your life easier. Let’s walk through the choices you can make in each area to make your home as EASY to clean as possible. We must offer a disclaimer — these are not products that DON’T need to be cleaned. Everything needs to be cleaned and maintained, after all. These are products that have the utmost clean-ability, starting from the ground up.


    Floors: Tile or vinyl. I know, I know, grout lines are the worst. But tile is one of the most cleanable products out there. With chemical and abrasion resistance unmatched by other flooring products, you can scrub and disinfect in almost any way you could imagine without harming your floors.

    Vinyl comes in a close second place. It has the added benefit of no grout but slightly less clean-ability in that it’s not meant to handle a full bucket of bleach-water as easily.

    Need a soft surface? Dreamweaver manufactures carpets that can be cleaned with just about anything. Spill nail polish on your carpet? Use nail polish remover to get it out. It’s that simple.


    Cabinets: Less crevices! Choose something with less detail, and it will collect less dust. Whatever you choose, don’t skip spot cleaning. Cabinet finishes can be damaged by harsh chemicals and scrubbing, so you will want to spot clean as often as possible to prevent dirt from sticking.


    Countertops: Quartz. Quartz. Quartz! There are so many reasons this product is fantastic. Hundreds of designs. Impermeable to stains. And on top of everything — antimicrobial. Simply clean quartz with warm soapy water (just like your hands, folks!).


    Backsplash: Pay attention to texture when choosing backsplash. While stacked stone is gorgeous, it won’t be one splash with spaghetti sauce. Choose something with a glossy texture, and it will wipe clean easily. Like with any tile, the less grout the better for cleaning. If choosing a natural stone, make sure to seal it. TIP: seal a sheet BEFORE installing to be sure the color does not change dramatically before moving forward with the selection.

    The following pictures are examples of surfaces that have amazing clean-ability.

    This project features tile floors and Cambria quartz countertops. Made to look like wood and marble, they are both fantastic.



    This stacked stone backsplash has a smoother finish. While offering a gorgeous texture, it’s easier to wipe clean than most stacked stone options.

    When remodeling your home, planning and designing with clean-ability in mind doesn’t mean you have to forego the best looks and styles. These ideas will give you both.