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    Choosing Grout Color

  • You’ve chosen the perfect tile, maybe even have it laid already, and your installer is asking you where the grout is so he can start that process. Oh no – GROUT! Yet another design decision to make. For the most part, it is easy. Oftentimes, I don’t even involve my clients (Shhh! I promise, I’m good at what I do, and last-minute decisions stress people out).


    For most basic floor tile installations, I have one consistent piece of advice—use the grout color that is closest to the color of your tile. Choose grout color for floor tile with the tile and the grout on the floor and you standing a few feet away. No one will get on their hands and knees to be sure your grout is the right color, trust me. Choosing a color that is similar to your tile will help the grout disappear. One of the most common requests I get is “no grout,” and while that is not possible with a tile installation, I feel as if choosing the right color makes a major difference.


    That said, there are so many reasons to make an exception to this rule. For example, if you want the shape or installation pattern of your tile to pop, then you want a contrasting grout color. If you have a tile that varies in color from plank to plank, you may need to choose a side or level somewhere in the middle. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to visualize how grout will affect a tile. For these cases, I always offer to do a sample swatch of a couple different options just so the client can see the difference before committing.



    For this project, the client had designed her own custom colored hexagon mosaic (I could write another blog on creating and using custom materials, one of my favorite challenges). Grout color on this one was an essential selection, and our office was almost split on the decision. We did all agree on one thing – the dark grout made the flower pattern pop, while the white grout made the hexagon shape pop. So, I simply asked the client – what do you love most about the tile – the flowers or the hexagon. It was the flowers, and so she opted for the darker grout, bringing her creation to life.



    We can help you with grout color and more and show you the best choices for any other projects in our Design Center. Contact us to get started.