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    Flooring Options for Stairs

  • Stairs — they may as well be a ‘four letter word’ in the flooring world. Often the most looked-over part of a flooring project, stairs can also be one of the most expensive aspects of the project. Whether you are covering them in carpet, treads, or flooring and nosing — if you aren’t ready for it, the cost may surprise you!

    Understandably so, though, stairs are the most detailed part of pretty much any flooring installation. Frequently, it’s even necessary to get a carpenter involved to work alongside your flooring team to make sure everything is installed correctly.

    There are a few options for covering the stairs in your home. Below, I’ll list the pros and cons for each:

    • Carpet: This is, by far, the least expensive option. It also provides for softness and sound reduction that the other options do not. Carpet can be a great way to accent a staircase when a pattern, color or texture is chosen correctly. That said, if you go with a simple, solid, boring color, carpet on the stairs simply isn’t as appealing as the other choices available.


    • Treads: Mostly made of solid Oak or other hardwood species, this is the most sought-after type of stairs. This material can be refinished and even re-stained a multitude of times, making it the longest lasting type of steps, and in turn, the most expensive option. Even with solid treads, homeowners often end up accenting the wood with a carpet runner. This provides softness, noise reduction, and reduces wear on the flooring beneath.


    • Flooring & Nosing: This option is the most common for those who are replacing their entire home of flooring and who are doing away with carpet altogether. Most wood and luxury vinyl manufacturers will sell a matching stair nosing so that the flooring can be used on the steps as well. This makes for a beautiful, seamless look throughout your home. White risers are a simple way to make each step pop, but you can also use tile to make things pop even more!


    At US Design Source, we can work with your budget and desires to help you navigate these options and choose the best look for the stairs in your home. Contact us for more information!