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    Happy at Home for the Holidays 2020

  • With the crazy year we’ve had and the Holidays right around the corner you are probably starting to get your house (and yourselves) in the holiday spirit! This year has been a difficult one, but we hope the Holidays are giving us all something to look forward to. SO seeing as Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday of the year, I am here to give you some tricks and tips for getting your house ready for Christmas! 

    • Holiday Greenery

    Greenery is one of the easiest to use and most festive decorations for almost any holiday, but especially those in Winter. Various greenery pieces can be used to make garlands, wreathes or even just stuck in a simple gold vase and call it a day! Not only does greenery serve as beautiful decor, they give off the best smell ever. It’s a win, win.

    There’s also just something about fresh greenery that really makes a house feel like a home. So while a REAL Christmas tree may not be do-able for everyone, we recommend adding real greenery somewhere to make your home feel more inviting and natural.

    Greenery is also inexpensive (if not FREE). My favorite TikTok going around right now is one where a wife lugs in a branch from outside, hangs it on the wall and tells her husband she paid over $100 for it. He isn’t even mad, because it looks great LOL! If this doesn’t give you an excuse to try out your DIY and crafty side of yourself, I’m not sure what will! (you got this).

    • Holiday Color Palettes

    While red, green and white are the typical Christmas color choices, you’ll notice that that in the past years many trends have changed. Blues, silvers and golds were the first to be added to the list, but now there’s just about any color Christmas decor that you would think of!

    This year’s biggest trend, I’ve noticed, focuses less on different colors and more on textures. The stores have decor in just about any finish you could think of – shiny, sparkly, rustic or soft. The combination of textures really make for a luxurious feeling home. There’s something about a mix of cozy and sparkly that just speaks to me! 

    • Decorating from head to toe

    That’s right, let’s talk Holiday rugs! I mean what a fun and cute way to add some extra holiday cheer. From Santa rugs for your living room floor or gingerbread men rugs for your kitchen! Christmas decor is mostly up high, so it’s nice to have a touch of christmas down low, Plus nothing says cozy Christmas like a perfect soft holiday rug! 

    While things will look different for a lot of people this year, Christmas is one thing that we can still  find some joy in. Whether it be your love for decorating (like me), gift giving, being around your loved ones, or even just spreading some good ole fashioned Holiday cheer. Let’s end this year on a good note and make this Christmas and Holiday season one to remember!  

    Holiday Rug