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    Let’s Get Colorful!

  • “How do I bring some color into this?”  This is one of the biggest questions we get toward the end of a design consultation. Although recent design trends tend to focus on non-colors such as grey and white, it is still so important to pull some color in to get away from the monotony of white and grey backgrounds. Many clients are happy with the idea of adding art, accessories, and other items that add color, but some want something more permanent.

    Here are some of the ways we have pulled color into this design:


    Colored Cabinetry: In a bathroom especially, colored cabinetry is our favorite way to add color. We are so used to seeing white and espresso vanities that when another color is used, it feels luxurious and custom. (This project shows Executive Cabinetry – door style: Shaker Solid Wood Beaded – color: Twilight.)



    Colored Countertop: With quartz companies like Cambria constantly innovating their product lines, you will find a ton of gorgeous, colored quartz option that can provide the pop you are looking for. (This project shows Corian Quartz – Blue Carrara.)



    Colored Accent Tile: Accent tiles are fun to play with! They are often one of the first things a client falls in love with when beginning a design. With so many shapes, colors, and textures, it is hard not to. Choosing a colored accent tile is by far the most common way to add some color, and it is the easiest way to bring together multiple colors you may have going in a design. (This project shows Elysium – Growing Ocean.)

    Notice the different levels of color used throughout the design. The cabinets are the statement piece in this project and have the most amount of color. The countertop is mostly white but with subtle blue veining that compliments but does not outshine the cabinetry. The accent tile chosen has a mix of light and dark blues in similar tones to bring some variation to the color. It’s important not to overwhelm the design with a single color or a variation of too many colors.