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    The Luxury of Luxury Vinyl

  • Luxury vinyl is one of the most popular and fastest growing segments of flooring today. With printing and manufacturing technology constantly improving, the looks of the product are too! There are many reasons to choose luxury vinyl for your home. This article will explain just a few of those.


    Ease of Installation: Luxury Vinyl is famously easy to install, and most manufacturers even claim that the products are “DIY Friendly.” While we always recommend using a professional for installing your flooring because of all the details involved in proper installation practices, vinyl does make for a faster, easier installation project. Click-lock luxury vinyl is a product that requires no adhesive. This means minimal clean up. Better yet, most click-lock luxury vinyl products already have a pad attached and can be floated right over existing tile or linoleum.


    Looks: In my opinion, no product mimics the look of wood quite like luxury vinyl. Wood look tile comes close, but the grout joints and plank lengths are a dead giveaway. While wood is the most sought after flooring in history, it has some specific environmental requirements that not all homes can provide. For those whose lifestyles don’t coincide with the upkeep of natural wood, vinyl is a perfect alternative.


    Maintenance and durability: In terms of upkeep, vinyl is easy to maintain. It never had to be sealed, re-coated, waxed, or sanded. It is easy to clean and can be damp mopped, unlike wood. So while it has a similar look, vinyl provides increased durability and cleanability over its wood competition.


    Price: When it comes down to it, budget is often the biggest deciding factor when choosing a new floor. While all of us would love the $15/SF custom wood featured on the showroom floor, we can’t all afford it! That said, there are vinyl products that look like a million bucks that are actually less than $5/square foot—yet another reason SO many people end up deciding on vinyl. You can choose trendy, expensive feeling products without breaking the bank.


    See below for one of our most recent luxury vinyl installations over ceramic tile. The clients were looking for a mess-free, fast way to move in to a new home they just bought. With ceramic tile throughout, we knew the best option to recommend was a click-lock luxury vinyl to go right over everything. Within 3 days, this house was ready to move into!