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    Tips for Fall Decorating!

  • Let me start by saying pumpkins, pumpkins and—you guessed it—more pumpkins! You can’t ever have too many pumpkins whether it be inside your house or out in your front yard. You can do so many things with pumpkins. SO, don’t stop at simply placing a pumpkin on your front porch this season!

    When placing pumpkins and other fall décor you may have, try to remember the rule of THREE. The best and easiest way to follow the rule of three is to display a matching set of décor using three different sizes of the same type of object! In most decorating situations, bigger items are better, and less is usually more!

    OK, let’s get to it. How can you and your family have fun with pumpkins this fall?

    A tradition for most like carving pumpkins and scooping out the seeds and cooking them is always a favorite in my house. The squishy insides holding the seeds are ready to come out and be baked to perfection. Then comes the best part, CARVING! When it comes to carving, I will be the first to admit that I am not the greatest carver out there, but it’s all about having fun and enjoying family time, right? The awesome thing about carving your pumpkin is that there are NO RULES! You can carve whatever you want — a ghost, a witch or even a pumpkin spice latte! Does it get anymore fall than that?

    At our house, we also love to paint our pumpkins. This is great for younger children who aren’t quite able to carve a pumpkin yet. My daughter loves it! It may or may not get a little messy but hey, that’s what it’s all about! Family, Fun and Fall!

    Then you have the dessert of desserts. Yes, I’m talking about PUMPKIN PIE! 🎃 🥧 Who do we have to thank for this delicious post-Thanksgiving dinner treat? The Pilgrims, of course! We will all be forever in their debt for blessing us with this historic dessert! Don’t forget to add a dab of cool whip to really make all of your fall dreams come true!

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to pumpkins. Whether they are real or artificial, they are the perfect way to spread the love of FALL. Lastly, don’t forget to get a scented candle to really bring that fall feeling into your home!