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    What is the best flooring for rental properties?

  • Let’s be real, having to pick floors for your rental property just isn’t the same as choosing flooring for your own home. Most of the time you’re assuming it’s going to have to be able to withstand more wear and tear right? BUT that does not mean you’re left with less desirable options! After all, you want renters to be attracted to your property so lets review some durable but also eye-catching options.


    At the top of the list for those who have rental properties is finding a floor that will be able to withstand everyday wear and tear and also plenty of cleaning. When considering low maintenance beautiful flooring luxury vinyl is hard to beat. More affordable than real hardwood and way easier to clean and take care of, and they also look so much like real hardwood it’s uncanny! Renters will love the look and you will have peace of mind knowing your floors are easy to clean and can withstand spills and stains that some renters often bring. 

    When it comes to choosing flooring for your rental the kitchen and bathrooms are a very important decision, as both spaces tend to get the most traffic inside the property you will  want to make sure you are going with 1.) something waterproof 2.) stain proof and durable while also still looking beautiful! 



    Beach house rentals


    If you live in Florida and are lucky enough to own a seaside home, you’ll know that beach houses are always in high demand especially in the summertime. That being said when it comes to  flooring in your rental you will want to be sure you have something extra durable and also sweep-able! With so much exposure to sand and salt water great options for beach house flooring include long-lasting, family friendly laminate and of course luxury vinyl. 



    Luxurious rentals 


    Although luxury vinyl and laminate are both great flooring choices for any rental property(especially for apartments), nothing beats the beauty of a hardwood floor in a dining room or a beautiful ceramic tile in the master bath. With so many different rental options having a luxury rental with most definitely set your place apart from the rest. So if you’re wanting to invest in a more luxurious property with the flooring and decor to match i would 100% go for it! 


    Small rentals

    Now if you have a smaller rental and you’re only looking for one or two tenants some good ole fashioned carpet would be the way to go! Carpet is great and gives great home feely vibes. It’s perfect for a single person(because we all  know kids are messy) to have because it’s cost efficient and easy to take care of. So, if you want your property to be attractive enough to bring in tenants but you can’t spend too much money, carpet is the way to go, it’s durable and attractive enough for any rental property. If you take care of it properly it should last you for years to come. 


    Rental properties are booming right now, choosing the right flooring for your property will have a lot to do with how quickly you can get your spaced rented out and money flowing your way! With that being said happy floor hunting and happy renting!