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    Why Hire a Design Professional?

  • And questions to ask once you do!

    As you are beginning a remodel, you will notice that there are a lot of moving parts. As you change one thing, it leads to another, and then another. And if you’ve never had this experience before, you may not realize that until the time comes. This makes for some costly surprises, which are never good during a remodel.

    A designer can help you understand the ins and outs of your project, talk some sense into you when needed, and will be sure to maximize your dollar – ESPECIALLY if you give us a clear budget. Most of us are very proud of what we do and want to do the absolute best we can with what we are given.

    Questions to ask your designer:

    • How can we make things more functional? Functionality is the key to a great design. You want your living space to be easy to live in. Simple changes in display and organization can make a big difference. Make things you use often easily accessible. Find a way to turn useful objects into decorative pieces. For example, hanging pots, pans and utensils over an island creates a useful piece of art!


    • What is the quality of the materials you are specifying? This is an important one. It is important for design to look good and function well. But it is even more important that it does so for a long time. Nothing is worse than buying a new organizer to find out the drawers pull out crooked because they don’t have proper glides, or refinishing your cabinetry just to find it peeling in a few weeks.


    • Is this/that in the budget? Notice how I did not say “what does it cost?” Designers look at the big picture. They splurge in some areas, and save in others; always keeping budget in mind. Also keep in mind that working with a designer will give you access to connections in the industry, and while you may pay the designer a commission based on your purchase amount with those connections, your overall cost will still be less than those shopping retail.


    • Where does my budget need to be to get exactly what I want? Perhaps you are realizing that what you wanted is going to cost a little more than what you expected. If you are willing and able to spend more to get what you want, simply ask your designer where your budget needs to be. This gives them permission to exit the boundaries of budget and bring you to reality. If you are comfortable with the number they give you, put down a retainer to have a design quote completed.


    The photo above and the photos below are from a complete bathroom remodel with a Japanese inspired design.